Friday, 19 November 2010

Take a Chance on Me

It had to be done!  Finding an excuse that allows me to use a picture of  the 1970's supergroup who are indisputably the  emperors and empresses of cheesiness.  But what could I write that has relevance to the title?  I've had a think and come up with something  pertinent to say that  relates well to my own experience of anxiety.

Perfection is something to be aimed for, yeah?  But sometimes its pursuit can be a right royal hindrance, completely stalling a  practical project or worse  still  suppressing realisation of dreams.  Fear of failure and criticism can  inhibit action in a way that is truly disabling.  I know because I've experienced this, so what  I'm working on taking more and more chances and promoting a  greater acceptance of the fact that sometimes, things will not go to plan.  True, this has the potential of exposing me to failure, increasing the uncomfortable effects of anxiety and even feelings that come close to humiliation.  However, if this approach  is  adhered to and I learn to accept my bloopers,  I reckon that the benefits could substantially outweigh adopting the Shrinking Violet stance of playing safe.

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