Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thought for the Day: Knackered!

It's so unlike me!  Today, tiredness has overwhelmed me and I can think of nothing much to say.  It's been a relentless few weeks at work  dealing with one crisis after another  - but then for some unexplainable reason it's always the way at this time of year.  I just have to recall my mindfulness stuff and remember that things will always change and just maybe there will be calm after the storm.

So I'm letting myself off with just a  mini piece of writing today and plan to go upstairs in two secs with a nice cuppa and dig into the book mountain next to my bed.  And I count myself so fortunate that, unlike so many of the people that I see during my working day,  I have the privilege of having times within a twenty four hour period when I am able to switch off and relax.

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