Saturday, 11 December 2010


Ah! the start of the weekend and here I am having a well deserved lie in with a big cup of tea.  It's been a bit of a week at work. Too, much driving,  lots of emergencies and dealing with the stress and anxieties of people suffering from the various types of dementia and their carers.  Many that I meet don't understand  how I usually enjoy working with this group of people.  This includes a policeman who investigates fatalities at traffic accidents! But  I find what I do rewarding, intellectually challenging and surprising, often in a good way.  It never fails to amaze me what individuals who have often been written off by wider society can do if given the chance to continue living a full and active life, in spite of their illness.  Their carers are often inspirational too.

Of course there are times that I get frustrated or stressed myself.  There are occasions that I take the flak because of lack of adequate services to care for these people who do not have a 'fashionable' disorder that grabs media publicity.   It would be so easy to take this personally and think along the lines of  'I'm trying to help and this is the thanks that I receive!'

But, at the end of the day, I can go home to my lovely family who are in good health and take time to relax and enjoy life.   My visits normally last for an hour or two  and can at times be harrowing but I  recognise that for some of the people that I see,  their stress is relentless and they do not even have the luxury of even a few minutes of respite from their worries and care.  For example, how would you feel if you were suffering from a degenerative disease which can take away the essence of self or were asked the same question over and over again?  I have adequate outlets to take time out to renew my resources but recognise that many of the people that I see do not have this.  So, today I am sparing a thought for those out there who are denied the luxury of a snuggly, comfy, carefree extra hour in bed.

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