Friday, 17 December 2010

Clean Knickers for a Car Crash

Not the most exciting picture to accompany a post but this shot from the BBC's website holds memories of being stuck on the A38 for four hours last December.  Foolishly, I did not connect rain falling  at below freezing temperatures with black ice until I ventured out onto what had become an elongated skating rink for cars and lorries. A local reporter, who was about two vehicles ahead of me,  took this shot once there had been a number of  crashes which closed the road  and rendered the Devon Expressway a  temporary car park.  Sadly my trusty Skoda was just out of shot when this photo was taken.

I've decided to be more prepared this year round and have readied my car with requisitions in case I have to set up temporary camp on my thirteen mile journey to work.  There's  the recommended warm clothes, snack and drink, torch and a fully charged mobile phone.  No shovel yet but I'm sure I can improvise.  After all I used to be a Girl Guide and a brave wilderness hiker BL*.
I've added items of personal importance to my own emergency stash.  I've got not one, but a  few books, writing paper and a fully loaded fountain pen to keep me entertained.   And, as a word of explanation for any international readers, everyone in England knows that it is an unforgiveable sin to have dirty underwear if involved in an accident so I've got spare knickers - just in case!

*Before Louis


  1. Do you think you would have the time to change your knickers if you were involved in a crash???


  2. Believe me. if it's humanly possible I'd do it!