Thursday, 23 December 2010

Coeliac's Christmas

I don't profess to understand this depiction of the tummy of a coeliac but rather liked its roundedness and subdued colour palette.  Physiology has never been my strongest subject.   Too much learning by rote for someone who likes to wing it in the academic sphere!    Anyway, this picture tenuously heralds good news.  My predictions of doom and gloom for a lonely Christmas earlier in the week have come to nothing and the Essex contingent are going to beat the weather and come for Christmas.  Yes, Mama and Papa Lovelygrey are scheduled to arrive later today!

Most of our Christmas feast is homemade but really careful inspection of packaging is required if shop bought items are relied on.  And, from personal experience, it's all too easy to forgot not to slip some flour into a previously unadulterated sauce to thicken it.  But with a bit of forethought some delicious offerings can be rustled up and here's what we've got planned.  Not a crostini, crudite, pizza bite or vol au vent in sight.

Homemade pates made from fish and vegetables whizzed together with butter and seasoning for spreading on Mum's gluten free bread and French Toast for others
Delia's Bloody Mary Tomatoes (boy, do these use a lot of vodka!)
Penguin Canapes
Galloping Horses - a lovely alternative to cheese and pineapple on sticks

Big Roastie dinners with lots of veg cooked in different ways, though avoiding flour in sauces.  Don't forget those sausages that are wrapped in bacon need to be the gluten free variety.

Passionfruit Pavlova - A big meringue topped with the said fruit and lots of whipped cream
Nigella's Nutella Cake 
Trifle made with blueberries, raspberries, cornflour based custard and amaretti biscuits.

As you can see Mama Lovelygrey is not going to feel left out of our lovely 'banquets'  which just take a bit more upfront planning than the usual festive fare!


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