Thursday, 9 December 2010

Farewell Master of Love!

 Today's post is dedicated to my friend who has prompted me, with the aid of Google Translate,  to learn the art of dodgy translation.

Die voëls sing hulle by die breek van die dag
"Begin weer", ek het hulle hoor sê
Moet nie woon nie op wat verbygegaan
Of wat is nog nie

It is a sad day for our team as the ukelele playing, braai cooking Master of Love leaves to return to his native South Africa, to his family, warm weather and readily available steaks from animals that are bigger and fiercer than our native breeds. I, along with your frends,  Barbie Nurse, Mr Metrosexual, Snobby Friend, Scary Secretary and the others  will miss that mixture of Afrikaans and English that permeates the office which is so reminiscent of that other master of gastronomy, the Muppet's Swedish Chef.  In future we'll just have to watch this classic piece of footage if we want to recreate the sounds of his telephone conversations with his wife, the Mistress of Love.  I'll also have to find someone else who doesn't mind a bit of Leonard Cohen in the car on joint visits!

And so, Master of Love, it's been fun working with you and we've learnt lots, including most of the catchlines from 'The Gods Must be Crazy'.  May you and your family stay well and happy and  let this picture with its dubious origins be a reminder of my personal philosophy which I urge you to consider passing onto your future trainees.  Sometimes it is good to cross ultra-tight boundaries and maybe even take a sneaky snap or cutting along your way!

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