Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Fat Bird

Okay, I'll admit this cheeky chappie needs to be plump to keep warm,  but this is not so for Lovelygrey.  I've a collection of warm fleecy clothing to do that job. There is no need for the layer of fat which has been slowly building up over the last few months with enhancement from festive feasting!i

Now I wrote about my plans to diet back in September  but I have to confess that I was 'all mouth and  no trousers'.  This phrase could well take on a literal meaning soon as I'm having difficulty squeezing into my jeans now and if I keep on eating they just won't fit anymore.

Drastic times call for drastic measures!  So instead of shopping in the sales for more clothes that I don't really need I've used my money to purchase six months membership of Nutracheck instead.  This sensible weight loss plan has been my friend in the past.   The simple act of using their food and exercise diary in combination with treating myself every time I lost seven pounds meant I managed to lose two stone and gain two lovely silver pendants, a new phone and a laptop in eight months!  

So it's time to dust off the yoga mat and walking boots. I'll  resist those cakes and biscuits at work and keep my thoughts of downing extra calories away by considering which craftsperson will benefit first from my newly adapted reward system which builds in incentives to keep those hard earned lost pounds at bay!

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