Thursday, 2 December 2010

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Sadly the rumours are groundless that Jordan is to be the guest editor on BBC Radio 4's 'Today' programme.  But I heard on the station's PM programme that, Elton John fulfilled a similar role for the Independent newspaper yesterday.   One of his contributions was itemising 10 things that he liked now that he didn't like at the age of 25.  It's inspired me to think of my own list which demonstrated how much I've changed over the last twenty years.  It might be one that you can try for yourself to while away the time spent drinking a mug of tea.

  1. Staying in at night - one I have in common with Elton and, seemingly, the majority of us saddos of my age and above.
  2. Meditation and, at a lower level, other opportunities to sit still with an air of doing  nothing.
  3. Being careful with my money .
  4. Southend-on-Sea!  I went off my childhood town after leaving home but have warmed to its uncomplicated seaside attractions now I have a child of my own.
  5. Country and Western music for its mournful, gritty narratives.
  6. The maxim 'Early to bed and early to rise'.
  7. Home cooking over and above eating out
  8.  A well stocked tool box.
  9. Colourful clothes that diverge from my youthful grey/black palette
  10. Simplicity in its many guises!

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