Saturday, 1 January 2011

...In with the New

Being short of resolve I'm not going to make promises to myself that I might keep after January 2. However, I hope that my diet does not go out the window every time I see a yummy cake and I maintain the near daily amounts of healthy exercise that my weight loss plan commands.

But I don't think that it hurts to mull over what I might like to achieve in a realistic and non go-getting kind of way.  There's nothing far fetched or fancy here, just a few simple ideas to help me to sustain focus in 2011.

  • Observe Lent again by abstaining from the odd tipple and Mr Lovelygrey's beautiful homemade beer.
  • Keep up scheduling monthly specials to keep my spirits in tickety boo order.  Already there are holidays planned in January, April, August and October and Ivylive festival in September has been booked by this early bird.  Another seven lovely outings or trips to plan. One of these could be....
  • ....Lundy Island.  Nearly got there the other year but there was an outbreak of D&V and this Landmark Trust Site was closed to visitors on the day the ferry was booked. 
  • Have at least one 'Spend Nothing Month' (May is looking like a good time to do this).
  • Start selling my jewellery on Etsy and Folksy
  • Maybe make a bit of money from writing.  Work out how to get a few more readers on my blog without having to resort to being boring with my titles or begging.
  • Go on a silent retreat.  It's good not to talk!
  • Visit Edinburgh again, this time with the Lovelygrey boys in tow.
  • Make a good start on transforming my garden from the scrapheap it is now into the beautiful and productive idyll it has the potential to be.
  • Learn a new outdoor activity - dinghy sailing, rock climbing and horseriding all appeal.
So there you have it.  My sort of -ish plan for 2011.  May all my readers have a wonderful New Year and don't be too hard on yourselves if your resolve falls at the first hurdle!

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