Sunday, 19 December 2010

Just finished reading: The Everyday Activist

This is a rare beastie indeed.  Normally when I borrow a library book I might scan the few pages that could come in useful at a later date  or perhaps enter a couple of interesting websites mentioned in a text into the bookmarks on my laptop. This fits in nicely with simplifying my  lifestyle and saves cluttering up the house.   If I want to re-refer to something I can always take a book out on loan again.  But  The Everyday Activist is so full of ideas that, for the first time this year, with the exception of a couple of jewellery making books, I'm buying it!

It's about making a difference to the world, both in small and large ways and has come to my notice at a time when I'm increasing my focus on this aspect of my life, through volunteering, community involvement and projects related to my interests at work.  Many thanks to Devon Library Service for having the foresight to put this on the shelves!.  The book is absolutely stuffed full of inspirational quotes, ideas, links to other websites and practical information from how to identify what is personally motivating to putting plans into action.   I probably would have used a whole ink cartridge in photocopying all the bits and pieces that I wanted to keep.  Try it on loan for yourself and if, like me, you think that it will be useful on an ongoing basis, stump up the hard cash to rewards this deserving author!

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