Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Lost Time

My watch was only a cheap Sekonda that I bought on the ferry crossing to France about two years ago.  I'd been thinking about replacing it with a better quality and more longlasting one for some time now as its bezel had long since disappeared and its strap was tatty with fluff ridden velcro.  So when I lost it the other day, I wasn't too disappointed.  In fact, its disappearance  gave me the ideal opportunity to shop for a new one!

Mr Lovelygrey pointed me in the direction of  watches whose batteries are charged by solar power.  Ideal to assuage any guilt associated with my wanton consumerism.  However, whilst I was happily trawling Amazon, Ebay and the like  Mr Lovelygrey plonked his old watch on my desk, offering it as a loan whilst I waited for my new shiny to arrive in the post.  It's scratched and, like my other watch, has a missing bezel.  But it got me thinking and stopped my shopping in its tracks.

If there is a working watch in the house, isn't it better to use it rather than purchasing a new replacement?  I thought so, and Mr Lovelygrey has kindly converted the loan to a gift.  I'll used this one at least until its battery needs replacement.  Then I'll give those funky eco fellows a second glance!

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  1. Well done. You don't need to buy new when you have a free second hand one. I found my Casio watch in a country lane about ten years ago. Two battery changes and a strap from another watch and it's still working fine.