Monday, 27 December 2010

Mama Lovelygrey's Christmas Makes

As promised yesterday, here's the latest offerings from  Mama Lovelygrey.  When I was asked for suggestions of what Louis might like for Christmas, I spurned shop bought plastic and asked for home made offerings.   Here's the 'Blue Peter' sledge, knocked up years ago on this kid's programme at the time when John Noakes ruled supreme.  Mama Lovelygrey has kept the instructions safe for years but, to my surprise, they may still be gleaned from the programme's website.   You might notice that this picture was especially taken for this post, hence the unsuitable footwear, but I assure you that the vehicle has made its maiden journey on the snowy hills surrounding Lovelygrey Villa and works a treat!  Total cost for the wood, metal and handles for this wonderful toy - around eight pounds!

Papa Lovelygrey has to be thanked too for the second offering as one of his overalls was cut up to make this chef's hat and apron of Mama Lovelygrey's own design!  As you see it's already been put to good use when Louis helped make Nigella's Nutella Cake! This involved lots of chocolate testing so the outfit has already lost its pristine whiteness.

Thank you Mama Lovelygrey for these beautiful gifts made with love. They are very much appreciated and will provide years of pleasurable play!

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  1. Thank you for pointing me to this post. I promise to read your blog every day from now on :o)