Saturday, 25 December 2010

March of the Penguins

I'll make no apologies for the continuing foodie nature of my posts.  Both Mr Lovelygrey and I come from families of competent amateur cooks and sumptuous home cooked fare is an important part of our get togethers.

Like the wannabe posh woman, Susan Carter, on  BBC Radio 4's long running soap,  the Archers  canapes are on our Christmas Day menu replacing the need for a sit down starter and I searched my cookbooks and the Internet to provide inspiration of what could be prepared ahead of time.

After an extensive search for two different sized types of  black olives for heads and bodies, these cute beasties were assembled.  Instructions can be found here, along with a picture of a far more professional looking end product.  But then, again these were probably created by a food stylist who had less fun making them than the seven year old Louis and his clumsy mother!  I've decided to present them on a snowy landscape of cheese topped biscuits with a Christmas tree garnish,  a venerable meeting of North versus South indeed.  A photo of the finished products  will be added later if they're not wolfed down by the family before I can get my shot!

PS: They got eaten too quickly!!!!

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