Tuesday, 7 December 2010

More Ho! Ho! Ho!

I'm never quite sure whether I'm ahead of trend or completely behind the times but I suspect on most occasions the latter is true. After all I live in rural Devon and not a heaving metropolis.

Following my Tracking Santa post the other day I thought that I'd pass on this recommendation for the Portable North Pole, which comes from my venerable colleague, the Master of Love. Look out for a special post dedicated to him soon! For all I know this seasonal website  might be as well known as Facebook, Amazon or even Google but hey!, I suspect that there are other cyber fogeys out there who are always  one step behind  (think wearing hand me down hot pants circa 1975!). So for all those out there who're not afraid to be seen comfortable shoes and have only just heard of the Beatles, this post is for you.

The website allows you to create, free of charge, a personalised video message for someone from Santa complete with photos.   Follow the link here  to see the one I prepared earlier!  Now Louis is an old cynic, having logically concluded that Santa did not exist at the age of five because of the physical impossibility of worldwide toy delivery on a single evening. But he's somewhat convinced that his message sent by email is authentic and is surmising about whether he has his own personal elf who reports back to the North Pole about his behaviour!

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