Friday, 24 December 2010

Near Crime of Passion!

It's a really quick one today as I've got to crack on with cooking a two day feast.  I grumble and groan but really quite enjoy pottering about in the kitchen creating festive fare for family to share over the weekend.  Fifty two pigs in blankets and a dish full of Saucy Sprouts were prepared yesterday evening with the creative process helped along by a wee dram or two of a fine single malt and Radio 4.

My mission  over the last two days has been to track down passionfruit in the stores in the South Hams.  All hail to Annie's Totnes where at 8:30am this morning I reckon I secured the last available within  a fifteen mile radius, narrowly beating another customer who was enquiring about the whereabouts of this delectable fruit as I reached the till.  Luckily the residents in this alternative town are a peaceable lot and I wasn't mugged for my bounty after I emerged into Ticklemore Street!

So my pavlova will be completed to plan and I might share the finished product and, indeed, my canape penguins over the next day or two!

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