Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Night Owl

Right now I'm going through a bout of less than perfect sleep filled nights and often waking in the early hours. The received wisdom is that the bedroom should  just be maintained as a haven for sleep and sex and that if you are wake up for more than twenty minutes you should get up and do something that isn't too stimulating until you're tired again.   All very well if, like the deluded soul giving the advice, you live in a soundproofed, well heated mansion. For the rest of  us living in the real world, rooms have to be multi-functional  and crashing about in a cold house in the middle of the night without waking up the family  just isn't feasible. No wonder so many of us just lie still and worry!

Now, I'm lucky I have a spare room in my house.  So, until this bout of circadian nonsense is over I've decamped there to fidget, read or tap away on the laptop under the cosy covers  until sleepiness descends.  It's been a fruitful fretfree time.  Last night I planned my annual leave for the coming year and downloaded pictures for future posts.  At other times, I've trawled the Internet and researched topics such as activism and ethical consumption,  prepared posts in advance,   tidied my email files and unsubscribed from mailing lists.  All things I may have had difficulty getting around to in daylight hours!  And tonight, it's clear and starry.  I'm sure Orion has just winked at me through the window  and as an  added bonus that I just might see the Geminid meteor shower!

Worrrying about inability to sleep has made things worse in the past. I believe that an attitude of acceptance and seeing the extra hours of wakefulness as an unexpected gift could well mean that normal service of day being day and night being night might be resumed quicker than if I viewed my insomnia as a problem.

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  1. I do agree with you. A while ago, I went through the same thing. i used to go downstairs, wrap up in a fleecy and surf the web for things I would not have had time to look at during the day. Then I went back to bed for a couple fo hours and straoght to sleep. You are right, it does pass if you don't fret about it