Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Thought for the Day: Of Mice and Men

Lovelygrey Villas is now well and truly snowed in.  Our £3.99 investment in a mini sled, the Bum Skid, has paid off and it's our only means of working transport at the moment apart from Shank's pony although he's complaining about snow over his wellie tops. Up on the main drag through the village, a few 4X4s are moving around but they're doing so gingerly.  I heard that the village shop ran out of milk at 10am  yesterday morning so mere mortals with ordinary cars might have to make do with black tea soon. 

What to do?  Well, when life throws you a snowball.... make snowmen!  There's nothing for it but to join the kids and the dogs around here, have lots of fun and make the most of this highly unseasonal seasonal weather!  This jolly seven year old high  fellow was knocked together in no time and I reckon's he's our best ever!  Part of our limited food store has been put to use to make this fellow's nose but might have to be retrieved if our veg box order never makes it here!

My best laid plans for a family Christmas could be well and truly scuppered.  The Essex contingent have already wisely dipped out and who knows if everyone else will be able to make it from Brighton, Somerset and yes, even the other side of Haldon Hill.  The already complex exercise of shopping in anticipation of frantic food preparation has got even knottier.   Some might view the whole scenario as disasterous but for me, I prefer to see it as an exercise in  acceptance and adaptibility.

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