Saturday, 18 December 2010


Depression hasn't reared its head this winter and it may be thanks to all the lovely things I've got planned including an eye wateringly expensive, but very special holiday next month that's going to provide lots of inspiration for posts. I wrote about my intention to regularly schedule in enjoyable events and I think it's working it's working the magic but there are still times, like now, when the things that I need to do to keep healthy fall by the wayside. So, I have to try my best to reinstate them,

So, how do I manage to take the  lunch break that I've recognised as important for my wellbeing without going on a wild spending spree in the beautiful independent shops around my patch.  Easy!  I just frequent the libraries, take photos and wander backstreets where I haven't been before, like this hidden away footpath in Dartmouth.

And here are my latest discoveries from the little arty shops and galleries around town.  I'm hoping that these will tempt those of you with money to support local artisans and for all of us, perhaps we can take inspiration from the work of others to produce beautiful things of our own.

Ceramics by Anthony Theakston in Simon Drew

Ceramics in Southwesterly.  Guys, you need your own website soon!

Fairy Necklace in Ethera.

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