Sunday, 12 December 2010

Shock Horror!: Money Extracted from Lovelygrey by Handsome Man

My friend and colleague Mr. Metrosexual went on an organised tour to China recently.  Now, I imagine that, in major cities of the United Kingdom, changing money  from sterling to yen is a piece of cake, but not so in small town Devon where it might even be difficult to get hold of holiday Euro.  In spite of adequate notice the foreign currency was not forthcoming and Mr. Metrosexual was armed with traveller's cheques instead.

So he toddled off  to the Far East and found that his reliable alternative to wonga was a bit problemmatic.  In fact for five days he was unable to change these supposedly international recognised bits of paper for even a jiao (think pence or cents).  So instead he sponged three figure sums off the gullible elderly ladies on the trip using the highly effective line 'Girls,  I'm in a bit of a predicament'.  His delighted female tour companions, reduced to school girl giggles, were excited by the frisson of being involved with a potential gigolo and  were quite disappointed when he paid them back.

I too, have succombed to requests for money from a charismatic man but this time I don't expect to be reimbursed.  Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia has added a banner to the  top of the website requesting voluntary donations.  Who could resist a request from a gent with such cute crow's feet, who, as an aside, has also provided me with my most useful reference guide?  So, if you're passionate about the use of the Internet for the greater good rather than economic gain and haven't already lost all your money to some passing conman in a moment of lustful stupidity, please consider coughing up yourself!

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