Wednesday, 8 December 2010


The other day I was excited to receive my first fan mail!  Louise Tiplady, a friend of my brother, who avidly reads my blog, sent me the lovely Seasalt monochrome fishy bag that I  photographed on my lunchbreak in Totnes and posted in October.  She also wrote a note on one of her publicity postcards depicting a piece of her work.  This was so beautiful that I thought that, instead of sending a thank you letter in the post, I'd showcase some of her stone carving and letter cutting as a mark of my appreciation!

The pieces shown here give a flavour of her work which combines  high quality craftmanship with humour   For me, the portrayal of wordplay on such timeless material especially appealing.  So much so, that Louise's work is being added to my list of  most coveted objects and she joins the queue after Lizzie Sanders, Tati Dennehy and Alan Ayliffe as someone who'll benefit from a sale if ever I accumulate a few spare pennies!

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