Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tracking Santa

Ho ho ho!  It's the first day of December,  the beginning of a month where children become frenzied with excitement about the forthcoming holiday period.  Why we would want to put chocolates into Advent calendars is anyone's guess. Our youngsters are manic enough without adding sugary treats into the equation.

Just to alert those who  aren't in the know already, some military folks in a secret bunker in the US who monitor the country's air defenses  have also had the unlikely task of tracking the whereabouts of Santa during each festive season since the middle of the 1950s.  You can read about the origins about their special mission here.

What used to be just a telephone service has now been updated in the Internet age.  Throughout this month, the Norad Tracks Santa  website has daily updated games and puzzles until the big event on Christmas Eve.  Then,  the main man  can be viewed whizzing around on his sleigh and dropping off presents to every corner of the globe.  All good clean highly recommended fun and not a nuclear missile in sight!

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