Thursday, 16 December 2010

Whilst I Can Get Away With It

It's Elf Central here at Lovelygrey Villas.  The battle is on to get presents wrapped and cards written.   In the spirit of thrift, decluttering and greenery,  I'm using up leftover cards and wrapping paper from previous years and so far haven't had to buy any of these items these year.  Unfortunately, I may not have met the deadlines for posting cards and a present overseas but hope my far flung friends will understand the pressures on a working mother with only two hands.

Way back in August I posted about my tactic of buying presents for Louis throughout the year and spreading  the cost.  Well, I gathered together all the goodies I've collected since his birthday in March and it made a fine display even though over a quarter of my finds came from charity shops and seventy per cent of the presents were below a fiver.  I reckoned that I might have got away with spending less than £100 on both his stocking presents and main gifts but darn me,  the total exceeded my estimate by ten pounds!  I've listed below what I've bought in case it serves as inspiration for those of who can get their head round what a seven year old boy might like for Christmas.

  • Play and freeze ice cream maker - a proper bit of cookery kit as kids' versions of cooking gadgets seemed almost universally to have bad write ups on Amazon.  Rock salt and ice goes in one side of the ball and ingredients in the other.  Throw it around for 15 minutes and voila! dessert is made.
  • Beano Annuals - Vintage from Ebay and the latest one
  • Secondhand target game, wooden bagatelle, battleshop game and a bug barn all picked up from charity shops and fetes
  • Children's cookbooks x 2 and some silicone cupcake moulds
  • Wallace and Gromit extreme straws (almost free with 3 for 2 offer in Sainsburys)
  • A giant puzzle book and other bits and pieces of a mindbending kind
The stocking contains:

  • The much coveted Club Penguin subscription card
  • Two Michael Jackson CDs 
  • Tightly rolled pyjamas
  • Glowsticks
  • Secondhand jumping bean game and Top Trumps cards
  • Airfix Soldiers
  • Meerkat number three (it's a long story but Louis 'needs' six)
  • Different types of balloon
  • Glow putty - a post halloween find at a knockdown price
Maybe I won't get away with such brazen money saving tactics in future years but whilst I can, I'm happy to do so!   And luckily the items of his wishlist don't break the bank so it's been shared with the wider family who might satisfy some of his more specific desires!

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