Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Women - Simple Beasties!

Sue at Piggies Heaven alerted me to the Simple Woman's Daybook, a blog that provides a template encouraging  reflection on everyday experience.  I'm not sure if I can number self amongst the simple women.  My life seems a bit too complicated sometimes!  Anyway I'm joining the band of
ladies who've contributed a snapshot of their life to the site.

  • Outside my window... It is stil dark.  The snow befits a December morning and turns my neighbours 1980s bungalow into a gingerbread house.    I hope for stars but, alas, it is cloudy.  In a  while,with the emerging light, the church in the next village along the valley will come into view.
  • I am thinking...perhaps a little too much.  Regular mindfulness practice where my brain takes a break reallly does  need to resume again shortly.
  • I am thankful much;  health, family, likeminded friends, a constructive life where work and leisure provide pleasure and fulfillment, a beautiful part of the country in which to live, access to information that I never could have conceived to be possible when I was younger.
  • From the learning rooms...I have used study days to write an opinion piece for one of my profession's journal.  It been submitted and I'm hoping to hear whether it will be published soon.
  • From the kitchen...preparations are underway for the weekend's family feast.  Sausage rolls and tiropites, small Greek cheesy pastries are done and dusted and in the freezer ready for cooking at the weekend.  Today I tackle Nigella's Chocolate Hazelnut Cake.
  • I am wearing..much loved clothes that feel a bit too tight. Must be remedied when feasting ceases!
  • I am creating.... There's lots of bits of jewellery around too that will be finished one day.
  • I am going...Transatlantic soon!  My holiday is one of those things that are occupying that cluttered mind of mine.
  • I am reading...Marian Keyes.  I'm not in the mindset to read anything too intellectual or challenging at the current time.  A bit of well written chick lit is just what I need.
  • I am hoping...there will be a break in the snow at the end of the week and my family will be able to make it for Christmas. That those I know who're under the weather get well soon.
  • I am hearing...very little at all, just the tapping of the keys and the faint rumbling of traffic on the A-road half a mile away.
  • Around the house...presents are stashed.  My study is no longer off limits to the rest of the family now my helper elves have left to go to another home where a busy mum needs help with present wrapping.
  • One of my favorite own company.
  • A few plans for the rest of the week...clearing the decks at work, finishing food preparation,  family arriving and of course, preparing all that food, glorious food. 
  • Here is a picture for thought I am sharing.....

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