Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Accidental Felt

Here's a rare photo of me, Lovelygrey, giving the supermodels a run for their money in my new homemade cosy cashmere hat which was made from 'accidental felt'. All but the most careful have made this in the past when we've washed knitwear at the wrong temperature.  It causes the fibres to bind closer together and renders a previously well fitting jumper, useless, unless you change shape drastically and lose five stone.

Now, I've learnt my lesson and stopped making this stuff, not by more attentive laundering but by changing my purchases to  the more forgiving cotton blended knitwear.  But I had kept some of my old jumpers after seeing an article in the Guardian about three years ago.  This suggested recycling shrunken knitwear to make felt mittens.

I decided to make a hat instead and used an old one to cut out my felt.  It's one where I think the shape really suits me but it's colour scheme is too garish and possibly outdated.  After all, it's about fifteen years old.  If you look carefully you'll see I folded over the ribbed edge of the jumper before cutting to make a doubled layed hatband.  I've also made light work out of an already existing task by cutting the pattern on the seam of the jumper.   It was then simply a case of whipping out the sewing machine and sewing the seams together.  Then after turning the hat the right way round I top stitched the headband in place.

The result is a superwarm piece of headwear made from something that would have been bin fodder in the past!

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