Tuesday, 18 January 2011

All is Well, Mama Lovelygrey!

Sorry Mama Lovelygrey if it felt like you were waiting up for me to come home from clubbing in my teen years yesterday.   I did not write a post to say we’d arrived safely  as planned at our first full blown destination.  After a day of unbelievable  perkiness, and an introduction to the wonder that is the Herschey bar with almonds, Louis finally begged to go to bed at 6pm followed shortly by me and Mr Lovelygrey.   So I was reliant on my pre-prepared posts yesterday.   What an organised person I can be but, as others will attest, I’m also prone to periods of mindnumbingly shocking scattiness, like forgetting to pick up my laptop after clearing airport security!

After arriving at Bozeman Airport (where? – ah Montana!)  late on Saturday night, we were whisked away from the airport by our friends, John and Julie, and taken to a perfectly acceptable mediocre chain hotel where Louis slept until a mind bogglingly late 4:30am.  Thank goodness for the 24 hour swimming pool.

So after a breakfast of cakes and waffles designed to convince a seven year old that he was born in the wrong country, we hit the road and headed for…… a supermarket!  Two more stops at a microbrewery for lunch and a ski hire shop and we’ve reached our home for six days, the romantically named Moonlight Basin in the Big Sky ski area.

No après-ski here in this tiny quiet resort.  Just our family, good friends, our grocery goodies and the hot tub.  Once we’ve been out and about exploring the runs I’ll keep you updated and also try to produce a few more diverse holiday themed posts for those of you who can’t see the point of hurtling down a hill with two planks of wood strapped to the feet! 

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  1. What a fabulous view from the hot tub, I would love to get in one to feel what it is like.