Thursday, 20 January 2011

Skiing Through the Ages

Ah! There's nothing like waking up to the view of mountains out of the window. Another day in our own near private ski resort built to meet the increased demand for luxury property and glam winter sport in the nineties and noughties. But after the boon came bust and because of its remote location and obscure transport links this place is almost deserted. The longest queue on any lift so far has been one party ahead of us!

The relative solitude is one of the factors giving us the best skiing that we've ever experienced. There's also long easy and intermediate well groomed runs and loads of snow. Our practice with the lovely folk at Plymouth Ski Centre has paid off. My hesitant practice on the carpeted slope has reaped huge rewards and Louis is a skiing superstar!  Attempts to catch him for a photo whilst on the move are fruitless - he just zooms away too fast.  So here's the best that I can do - on the chairlift with Mr. Lovelygrey.

We've not been downhill skiing for over ten years now and advancing age and lack of fitness has posed its own challenges for the adults in our party. No more fights to catch the first lift of the day and then skiing until they're shut. It's a far more sedate affair these days, a couple of hours on the slopes after a leisurely breakfast and then back out after a long lunch and a dip in the jacuzzi to stave off those aching muscles. Falling over is to be avoided. The effort taken by an oldtimer getting back up is colossal and the whole exercsie is frankly quite undignified!

There's challenges associated with skiing with a small child too. It is imperative that we make sure that the activity is enjoyable and Louis will want to come again. The more sedate routine seems to suit him too, giving him plenty of opportunity to recharge his batteries so he doesn't suddenly feel like giving up halfway down a slope. And five solid days of skiing might not be a child's cup of tea so it's important for adults to forego some slope time to schedule in some other activities like sledding and snowman building too!

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