Sunday, 23 January 2011

Back to Basics

We've traded in the luxury of our ski condo for an altogether different holiday experience.  At (High!) Noon we caught his amazing tracked vehicle that transported the Lovelygrey Family, John and Julie and a shedload of luggage into Yellowstone National Park.

The three-ish hour long trip into the park takes in a plethora of wildlife, a beautiful canyon and tantilising glimpses of the thermal features that we're here to see over the next six days.  Whilst I'm unpacking and writing this post, the Lovelygrey boys are off watching Old Faithful strut its funky stuff.

So here's our new home for the next six days, a basic old style cabin like motel room.  Warm and clean with a nice line in polystyrene ceiling tiles and not a hot tub in sight.  Splashing out on more luxurious accommodation whilst we're here would have been one step too far and would have made the bank account squeal with pain.   And it's not going to matter too much.  There's so much here to see and do that we're not planning on spending much time in our cabin!

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