Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Mini Church of Craft is Back!

The girls that make up the Church of Craft haven't got together for a regular monthly meeting since September.  Dear boy, events have just got in the way.  But 2011 has got off to a good start.  January's meeting took place yesterday and a session at an organised class is planned for February.  For the humble price of £10,  we're going to learn how to make jewellery out of tin cans at Finishing Touches in Totnes!

Melanie wasn't too productive as she was feeling poorly but contributed to the bonhommie by providing gossip and tucking into the bacon sandwiches and cake-y nibbles.  But Naomi was the star of the show showing us how to make this lovely three stranded memory wire bracelet of her own design incorporating herringbone wrapped beads.

I sought inspiration from one of my books, the very useful Encyclopedia of Wire Jewellery by Sara Withers.  This curly chain design into which I'm going to incorporate some labradorite discs will form the basis of a necklace.  I'll use my recently boosted silversmithing skills to solder together the twirly bits of the links.  I still need to plan how the finished piece will look but will show it off in all its glory at a later date.  One for the up and coming Etsy shop methinks.

The downside of getting together with my friends is that they are beadaholics and, as the drug dealers of the jewellery world, are keen to show off all their lovely recent purchases with a view to tempting me to splash the cash.  Not good for someone who's made a semi-serious pledge to restrain from craft-related impulse purchases but luckily I'm resisting their sparkly temptations and using what I already have in store.  However, their devillish temptress tendencies are far outweighed by their encouragement to develop my skills and push the creative boat out!


  1. That bracelet is lovely. Good luck wth your new creation

  2. Did you know there is a lady with the same Christian name as me, who trades in beads? Ilona I met her once at the Stitch and wotsit show at Harrogate. Bit of useless information there, ha ha.