Sunday, 2 January 2011

Finishing What I Started

Project incompletion is one of my  foibles.  I believe that I'm getting a bit better at finishing what I start but have to admit it's still a problem.  In order to rectify this further I've extended my ban on buying craft materials indefinitely.  The only exceptions are materials for my evening class projects and items that are needed to finish the plethora of half made items that litter the shelves and cupboard in my tiny study.

Way back in August I spent a frenzied week decorating Louis' room whilst he was holidaying with Mama and Papa Lovelygrey in Cornwall.   In my post where I showed off this makeover,  I mentioned that all I needed to do was to put the lettering on the 'spray dodger' that conceals the uncoordinated linen on Louis' bed!  Well four months later this simple job hadn't been completed but today I'm very proud that, at long last, his ship has a name.

The spray dodger is made of a remnant of oilcloth edged with bias binding with lettering cut from felt and glued in place.  Scarily the project nearly came to a halt again as I've mislaid the cord needed to tie it to the bed.  However, for the sake of getting something done at last, I plaited string ties as a replacement.

The title of this post has been in my 'Coming Soon' list for so long now it's embarrassing.   But today, it gives me great pleasure to remove it and may this project be the first of many of which I can say 'I've started and I've finished'!

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