Friday, 28 January 2011

Geyser Gazing

This incredible spot is my absolute favourite place in the world.  Totally worth the expense of getting and staying here.  I'm already plotting how the Lovelygrey family can return as soon as possible maybe at a different time of the year when vehicles are allowed into the park and we're able to go further afield under our own steam. 

For the last couple of days I've been 'hanging out' ,as they say here, around the Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone with my miniature ski instructor and newly appointed Junior Ranger, whilst Mr Lovelygrey goes further afield and is allowed to fall over in privacy in a brave attempt to improve his cross country technique.  For a reasonable donation of 50c I purchased a map of the geyser basin at the Old Faithful Information Centre.  Here's Louis  planning our route  whilst waiting for the granddaddy of geysers to force many thousands of bath tub loads of water into the air!

Now my favourite geyser of all is Beehive which is situated really close to the boardwalk so the full effect of its eruption can be experienced It sounds like a goods train and water shoots about 60 metres into the air for five minutes.  But, alas, unlike Old Faithful, which is as regular as clockwork in geyser terms,  it is unpredictable and skulking around it for a couple of hours yielded nothing, on this visit, but a few puffs of steam and some splutters of bubbly water.

Here's Plume, a next door neighbour of Beehive, less spectacular but much better behaved, going off every 60-70 minutes of so for our viewing pleasure! But this place does not just provide a visual treat. It's a rich soundscape too. There's hotspots that sound like bacon sizzling. And when they finish their eruptions Lion Geyser 'roars' and Anemone emits a flushing noise, that makes it a suitable candidate for being renamed 'Toilet Geyser'!

Sadly we're heading out of the park today, leaving our friends John and Julie, the bison and other beasties. Our child starved son will be sharing a room with someone of his own age for our final night. Fingers crossed that he'll get some shut eye before our flight home and not end up Sleepless in Seattle!


  1. What a wonderful amazing place, I envy you! xxx

  2. That is so interesting, how wonderful to see these places.