Thursday, 17 February 2011

Handy Toolbox Hint!

I'm sure the latest additions to my toolbox will make perfect sense  to those, who like me, sometimes mistake a finger for the wood or metal that they're cutting or sanding.   In fact, as I've been doing a fair bit of jewellery making over the last few days the fabric dressing and antiseptic wipes have already been put to good use.   I cut myself on my polymer clay rollers and the plaster box now has rather macho spots of blood on it as proof.  These would previously have left a trail through the house on the carpet as I staggered to the first aid box.

You may be puzzled though by the denture cleaning tablets and  think I'm going to disclose a way of using them on wounds or even some super duper secret silver polishing technique. But, alas,  youd be wrong. The tube was empty, a by-product from my mandibular device sterilising antics and it's just the thing to keep my saw blades  tidy.  Oh! and their nice secure container stops me nicking myself on them whilst searching for other bits and pieces thus reducing the need for the emergency medical care in the first place!

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