Sunday, 16 January 2011

Howdy Pardners!

Just to reassure Mama Lovelygrey we've arrived in the US of A!  All those home haircuts and the like have paid off and we're now spending some of our hard saved cash in a lovely way.   Good vibes are going out to the Seattle Airport Authority who've provided me with free Wi-Fi  access so I can blog to my heart's content whilst we await the flight to our first destination.

It's not a bad place to while away the hours.  There's comfy seats, yummy things to eat and chi-chi boutiques to browse in.   Luckily I seem to have left my covetous head at home in the UK and have merely been taking photgraphs of items that are potential design sources for things to make in the future.

...Like these pierced cardboard  light fittings retailing at a very reasonable $27 although I reckon they could be knocked up for much less at home.   And photos are much easier to carry in the baggage than these star shaped beauties!  The same shop has also provided inspiration for clocks made out of old cutlery, silver pendants and a game to play over a bottle of wine or two with the girls!


  1. Love the pin the tail - have a lovely holiday

  2. How fantastic, lucky you. Have a lovely time.