Sunday, 30 January 2011

Kurt, Coffee and King Salmon

This photo of Seattle, lifted from Microsoft Clipart, must have been taken on a rare clear day or else have been heavily doctored.  But even though this city is dank like Devon, it's my favourite in the US, perhaps because it's populated with unbronzed mortals  who are not adverse to walking and wear a lot of cosy clothing.

We only had a day here and stayed with friends who have a six year old daughter.  Our day could not be more different than if we'd had a child free stopover.  In the old days we'd have feasted on the excellent local seafood, took in a band, savoured the ambience of coffee shops and sampled a few of the local microbrewed beers .    There might even have been a sightseeing visit or a peaceful period of browsing in a secondhand bookstore.

But kids change all that.  Louis was not quite 'Sleepless in Seattle' but stayed awake until 10:30pm chatting with his new partner in crime, Ava. There was a trip to the local park where artistic swing shots didn't work out. And although our visit to the mecca of outdoor stores, REI, would definitely have been on the menu in our 18-plus stopover, in the olden days, it would have been for retail therapy rather than to escape the rain and check out the climbing tower, run around the boot testing 'mountain' and use the play area.

The finale to our kid friendly mini city break saw the now firm friends taking in a Dennis the Menace DVD with a TV lunch of  Spongebob Squarepants Mac and Cheese!  No matter, it gave us some quality time with friends who we hadn't seen for eight years and whetted our appetite for another visit shortly.

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