Thursday, 27 January 2011

Recycling par Excellence!

Okay, I have to admit  there's not too many unwanted cross country skis in Lovelygrey Villas.  I don't even have a pair to call my own.  But, if I did have a pile that couldn't be used anymore I'd consider making a natty bench like the one outside Yellowstone's Old Faithful Snow Lodge.

The pictures on my blog have had a white-ish theme recently, a inevitable consequence, I suppose, of hanging around in snowy landscapes.  So, I thought I'd inject some colour today by talking about some of the arty crafty items around the lodge.  For the second time this fortnight, I've fallen in love with a picture that's outside my budget.  This time,a photographic print of an osprey in flight above falls has caught my eye, a snip at $950 when compared to the previous coveted painting at Moonlight Basin,  a funky blue luminous wigwam,with a cool price tag of $70,000!

Moving away from a retail perspective the lodge here has some pretty funky decor.  To the delight of Louis,   carved bears in canoes grace the ceiling of the snack bar and I've taken photographs of many of the light fittings with their snowy animal themes which are potentially design sources for future craft projects. However, I'd be hard pressed to replicate this wonderful candelabra in the Obsidian dining room.

And the gift shop  has been a source of inspiration too.  These pendants and earrings thankfully are not real silver otherwise I might have been tempted to spend, spend, spend.  They've made me realise that I need to add a handy item to my rucksack for use when the mood takes me.   If  I'd packed  Siligum , my handy two part moulding putty  I could easily have taken some  cheeky, sneaky impressions for making my own versions in metal clay!

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  1. That bench is great fun ! I was in a bar of a sports club once & there were broken squash rackets dangling from the ceiling.
    Lovely blog - thanks for visiting me !