Friday, 14 January 2011

Strong People

A moment of lechery for some of you ladies and gay men out there courtesy of Microsoft Clipart. Not my type but I appreciate well toned pecs when I see them!

...Now where was I?  Ah! yes.  Very often, people that I've met in my role in a mental health team have got hold of a belief which I'd like to point out is erroneous.   The conversation goes along the lines of  'I'm a strong person.  I shouldn't get depressed'.    They might then go on to talk about their valiant, but unsuccessful efforts, to fight off this illness - keeping going, 'forcing' themselves to exercise/eat/work/socialise.  Just the self help advice I'd be giving under usual circumstances and use myself.

Please cast off the idea that depression is a sign of weakness. The powerful, creative, clever and good are not immune - look at this list from Wikipedia if you're in any doubt.  These resilient people are used to winning their personal battles.  They don't give up easily but when, they do, they're often a bit more worse for wear than lesser mortals who throw in the towel at an earlier stage in the fight.

If this is reading true, please seek help.  I'd also ask those who are drug adverse and normally eschew medication, even if a limb is falling off, to consider anti-depressant medication if it is offered.  It can often put the normally challenging busy and fulfilling lives of us strong people back on track.

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