Saturday, 8 January 2011

Thought for the Day: Foibles

As I was closing the wardrobe doors before I went to bed the other night to keep the monsters at bay.  it caused me to think about all my other slightly odd beliefs and practices.  I reckon that we've all got these little eccentricities which go into the mixture to form who we are.  Here are some of my others that I'm willing to 'fess up to.

  • I am fiercely territorial, even in public places.   For example, thoughts of moderate violence go through my head if someone has nicked my usual space in my yoga class or my usual locker at the sports centre.
  • Someone once likened my stance when carrying a handbag as a pose from a vintage knIitting pattern.  Consequently I've never owned once since.
  • I can't abide music radio as it forces me to listen to tracks and artists that I don't like. 
  •  I am so fussy about how I like my fried eggs cooked that American diners even have problems in coming up with the goods (runny yolk, set white with a brown lacy undercarriage).
  • I see putting milk in coffee after it has been poured rather than in the cup first as tantamount to sinful behaviour.  Likewise adding it to a mug before a cup of team has brewed properly.
  •  Make up is weird stuff that makes me feel dirty (and not in a good way!).
  • Anything other than monochrome underwear and snowy white bedding and toilet paper is entirely unacceptable.  Likewise socks have to be grey or black. I'm thinking of starting a campaign to hound novelty and coloured ones out of existence.

Let this serve as a warning to us all.  Behind the normal exterior of any balanced individual there's a wealth of oddity!

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