Friday, 21 January 2011

Thought for the Day: Hot Tub Love!!!!

Here's me, Lovelygrey and Louis living the highlife in our own private holiday hot tub with our friend Julie. The dubious looking gent in the hat at the front of the tub is her husband John,  venerable UnoMeister of our nightly card playing competitions.

The Lovelygrey family have fallen in love with this wonderful swirly, super warm invention that has been in regular use through our time at Moonlight Basin.  Just the thing for those aching bodies after a day of skiing and good for a dip first thing in the morning too!  Okay, I question the green credentials of a bath outside in the snow that is constantly heated to 100 degrees fahrenheit  so there's a slight twinge of guilt associated with its use.  We're told that electricity is cheap here in the States but I reckon installing one at our own home, as Louis is suggesting, would be the death of Mr. Lovelygrey.  Watching that meter go round to heat up water in the garden in winter would cause the heart of someone who meticulously researches light bulb efficiency to give up completely! 

I've written about luxury before and questioned how do the rich treat themselves when they have constant access to the best?  It lead me to conclude that being in a position where you are able to afford the occasional indulgence may be more satisfying than having super expensive delights on tap.   On a day to day basis I am content to seek enjoyment in simple pleasures in life, good homecooked food, spending time with friends, family and wonderful colleagues,  experimenting with my craft materials and spotting wildlife.    And when the chance to spoil myself comes along, I reckon that I get more pleasure because of the sense of being treated than I would if I viewed extravagant pampering as a daily right.

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  1. I've just come back to read this post again, that hot tub looks fantastic, I want one, ha ha. Your blog is very interesting to read, thank you.