Monday, 31 January 2011

Thought for the Day: Now What?

A truly wonderful holiday that took a year of careful planning has come to an end leaving just memories, jetlag and an exercise in totting up the true cost of the trip to complete. Actually that's not all.   In spite of the truly unpleasant tiredness associated with crossing multiple time zones, my mind is clearer than it has been for a long time and I feel set to embark on new projects, finish old ones and pay attention to maintaining the good habits that are so helpful in allowing me to approach each day with a spring in my step.

Last time I went to Yellowstone to celebrate the millenium I mourned its loss after my return and felt deflated.  Each walk that I took seemed boring because  I did not have skis on my feet,  there were no geysers erupting around me or bison to stop me in my tracks.

Perhaps not feeling that way this time is a mark of how I've changed as a person over the last ten years.  Even though our trip away was very special on many levels,  it wasn't the 'be all and end all'.  I've got so many exciting things on the boil to look forward to, things
to make and write, people and places to see and causes to support.  I am also much more aware of the fact that unexpected events can turn any ordinary old day into an adventure.  So let's get out and about and see what this day holds!


  1. Fabulous post, my sentiments exactly. I think as we get older we learn to live for the moment. Your holiday has revitalised your enthusiasm for life, and instead of moping around with post holiday blues you are ready to embrace each day as it comes. I'm with you all the way on that one, and I look forward to reading about your next adventure, however small and insignificant it might be. Each day brings what you want it to bring, it can be as dull, or as exciting, as you like.

  2. Thanks Meanqueen for your kind words. I've enjoyed reading about your trip too and look forward to a time when Louis is a bit older and we can up the tempo of our walking again!