Monday, 24 January 2011


It's been a mixed old day in Yellowstone National Park. Not the seamlessly perfect holiday that I'd envisgaged but things have turned out okay in the end. There was a problem with our room which has resulted in an upgrade to the main lodge, not only for the Lovelygrey family but our friends too. We're so impressed with the way that the Americans handle complaints. After all we're all human and mistakes happen and it's a mark of good service when things are set straight competently.

Then there's been Louis' first ever bash at cross country skkiing, a different kettle of fish from its downhill counterpart that he's mastered so quickly.   After a good hour or so of sulking because he wasn't getting the hang of things easily, suddenly everything clicked.  We've headed out round the geyser basin.  Chinese Spring is one of the places that we visited,  the former site of a laundry where the oriental workman occasionally dropped clothes into a thermal feature. Allegedly these built up a blockage in the crater and then one day there was an explosion of pants, shirts and  knickers!

Now Louis's going great guns, even talking about being a cross country ski instructor when he's grown up.  So,tomorrow we're heading out further afield to help him hone his skills and hopefully we'll see a few of the big geysers strut their funky stuff!.

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