Thursday, 13 January 2011

What Were You Thinking Lovelygrey!!

And as a sequel to my confession yesterday of an act of stupidity..

..Yesterday a book had to be returned so I visited the cute-sy tucked away library at Totnes.  This has to rank as one of the hardest to find public buildings in the county even though it's signposted just a gnat's whisker away from its entrance. Maybe, though,  it's my direction finding that's at fault.

I returned my book and didn't stay to loiter for the rest of my lunchbreak.  And therein lies the problem.  Instead I visited four or five of the lovely boutiques in Fore Street perusing the clothes.  For someone who has planned not to buy anything new to wear in the next year (underwear and shoes excepted), this is a dangerous occupation.  I've already fallen hopelessly in love with a Pink Coat and  I'm now engaging in an activity that almost begs temptation to drop into my lap.  Luckily, nothing caught my eye although I'm a sucker for stylish cosiness and the extra fluffy Seasalt sweatshirts came close.  Thinking about it, haven't I got a plethora of similar garments already?

The experience has made me think again about using my lunchbreaks a bit more productively.  But with just half an hour to spare and a need to get away from the computer into the fresh air it's going to take a bit of creativity!


  1. Why not put your trainers on a go for a nice walk somewhere. I try and do that a couple of times a week, otherwise I find myself sitting at my desk for 10 hours

  2. Ha ha, very dangerous looking at shops. Could you just walk briskly instead, straight past them because you have brought no money out with you?

  3. Oh I'm sooo glad it's not just me. At the moment I'm in the doldrums, trying hard and, seemingly, getting nowhere, reading blogs about people who can live quite happily on two and six a week and wondering where I'm going wrong! Please keep on blogging even if it's just to do your bit for humanity by keeping this fifty something washout sane!Hugs Susi xx