Thursday, 6 January 2011

Why is Glue Gungey?

In a sad washing carrying accident one of my pieces of original pottery, a spooky candelabra by Pauline Lee , got comprehensively broken recently.  I wouldn't have thought that a gentle knock with a pile of sheets onto a carpeted floor could have done much damage but the piece was smashed into loads of pieces, many of which are tiny shards.  Now I could have followed Mr. Lovelygrey's advice to throw them away but instead I've decided to mend the candelabra.

So I've started the repair job and it's reminding me of one of my weaknesses.  I make a right royal mess whenever I use glue. For the klutz's amongst us why doesn't someone invent a new glue that is guaranteed not to make a mess - spillproof, oozeproof and only sticking where it's needed? There's traces of set epoxy resin that I'm picking off from my desk, it's seeping out of newly mended cracks. Oh, and I've securely stuck a chunky bit of ceramic to the pencil I was using as a stirrer.

I wasn't aiming to mend my candelabra perfectly but instead leave some cracks as 'features'. There might have been a very slim chance of convincing Mr. Lovelygrey that these were okay but he's certainly not going to be persuaded that blobs of dry resin add to the overall design!

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