Wednesday, 23 February 2011

All in the Mind

Isn't this image great? If only my own mind was filled with such simple things like men, babies and uh, hats!  But it's not.  I work in a mental health team and often my thoughts are far from trivial. I'm involved in people's lives at a time of crisis and my brain can be whirring with all sorts of complexities.  If I didn't switch off I'd be in danger of my head exploding!

And that's where my craft projects come in handy.  I've got something that allows me to recharge the batteries in the serious area of the brain and divert to another area where I get engrossed in a different kind of knotty problem.

Remember Dangly Dolly?  I posted about the trials and tribulations of the completion of my metal clay version a few days ago.  Well, I've been mulling over how to finish on my drives between really rather stressful visits and yesterday I came up with an answer!

Et voila! as Raymond Blanc says. My aim of finishing a piece of craftwork in February has been achieved with nearly a week to spare. And the ability to control my thinking and direct it in the way that I choose that I've learnt from mindfulness practice is proving to be a godsend at a time when I'm feeling a bit over stretched at work.

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