Thursday, 10 February 2011

As You're Passing.......

Before 100 step clearance
And After!
I've written at least a couple of posts  about  how I sometimes breakdown cleaning and tidying  tasks in bite sized chunks.  There's my three minute eggtimer tidy and the more serious 100 step clean up.  The difference this can make to a room is demonstrated in my before and after shoots above.   Today's offering is even less hardcore. The practice won't make significant inroads into transforming a seriously messy room.  However, it undoubtedly makes my weekly housework session less challenging.

So today's handy hint is:

Tidy up just one thing every time you go into a different room of the house.

It might mean a mat is straightened, something is moved to its rightful place, thrown away or taken elsewhere in the house.  It's as easy as replacing an empty toilet roll, hanging up a towel,  putting a pencil in a desk tidy or a cereal bowl in the dishwasher.  Simple eh?  Well yes, in theory but remembering to do this and making the practice a habit  takes a little bit of effort and is something that, I suspect, the male member of our species cannot master at all!

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  1. Good idea. I move things back to their right place as I move about the house. I put things on the bottom stair which heed to go upstairs, and pick them up next time I go up. I have to put things back in their right place or I lose them.

    I have one exception, I stack the dirty pots up untill there is a pile to wash.