Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Busy Bee? Naah!

So after yesterday's enthusiastically optimistic post you might think I got a lot done on my first full day back in the UK.  Perhaps in my imaginery world I'd like to have meditated for forty five minutes in the early hours, then gone for a five mile run.  After the school run to school I would have cut up the corks for my new bath mat, cleaned and tidied the house to new pin standards and completed my jewellery class homework.  Oh, I mustn't forget compiling the Yellowstone scrapbook for Louis to show his classmates and going out for the two hour walk that Mr Lovelygrey suggested!  But it didn't quite turn out that way.  You see, even though I took the advice of the airline, drank plenty of water,  did as much stretching as is possible in an economy seat and napped a little, jet lag has hit quite hard.  I feel like I've been clubbing, an activity I've avoided for many years now!

A few months ago, I went to my yoga class, and on that evening, for no apparent reason, nothing seemed to function properly.  Normally easy moves were an incredible effort, so as my lovely teacher Kathy  always suggests I listened to my body and worked to my limits.  I got so much from that class and today I've been putting what I learnt into practice.  I've enjoyed many cups of builders strength tea that is never available in foreign climes and listened to Radio 4 as well as walking to and from school,  made in-roads in the holiday washing pile, took a bunch of toys to the charity shop, had a nap, filed some metal and played with a rolling mill at jewellery evening class. And I worked out that our trip away was over £1,000 below budget!  This bodes well for seeing our friends and the Rockie Mountains again much sooner than we'd originally planned.

The day has reminded me, not for the first time, that sometimes goals need to be thoroughly revised, often on an ongoing basis.  Our mental and physical capacity changes and on those days when peak performance isn't possible, it's good to accept how we are and work within our limits.  After all, tomorrow is another day.


  1. Blimey ! How do you come in UNDER buget ? !!! I always get a load of washing in as soon as I get home from beng away - it's like settling in back home (also the amount of washing is horrifying !)

  2. Washing duties post holiday still in progress and still an overflowing laundry basket to deal with! x