Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Dance Me to the End of Love

Today,  I thought I'd make a tenuous link to the title of a track from the utterly gorgeous septuagenarian, Leonard Cohen, who accompanies me on many car journeys around the South Hams between seeing patients, service users, clients or whatever the NHS wants me to call people these days.  Inspired by my bargain life changing chair purchase on Ebay last week I've decided to bide my time a little and try my luck again, this time on an evening dress.

I'm not the kind of person who frequents flash events on a regular basis.  Give me a pie in the pub in preference to knobbing around in a posh frock anyday.  But Mr Lovelygrey has volunteered for the PTA which Louis and I suspect must have something to do with free beer rather than genuine goodwill.  The committee are planning a  ball in June and there's an expectation that I'll go.  Not good news for a girl whose cupboard is bare in the formal clothes department.

Now,  I reckon most occasions that require dressing up take place around Christmas or in the height of summer.  So, this time of the year when everyone is huddled up inside and not out on the razz must be one of the best to bag a bargain ballgown.  I've therefore set myself a challenge.   In the spirit of reduce, reuse and recycle, no newbies are allowed and to satisfy my thrift conscious nature the dress must cost no more than £10. Ideally that will include the postage and packaging costs too!

I'll show off the results when my  plan comes to fruition as I'm pretty sure that it will.  Also I'll let you know when I've secured a beautiful  toasty warm duck down jacket, just like the one that  I borrowed in America, twenty years old but showing little sign of wear.  Surely an investment purchase to enjoy for many winters to come.   My hunch tells me that the best time to buy this will be when no-one else's thoughts are turning to skiing in cold climes but they're all spending mega wonga on their summer ballgowns!

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