Monday, 14 February 2011

Dangly Dolly

As a  follow up to yesterday's post I'd like to say that I've finally completed one of my project but I'm not quite there yet.  It really isn't for the want of trying though, so I'll try to explain myself.

At Saturday's Mini Church of Craft Naomi restrung an old bookmark that I'd been given by a neighbour as a child.  She then drew me a diagram of how she'd reassembled this tricky piece.

Now I'd used this teeny wooden dolly's  component parts to make Siligum moulds and then formed metal clay beads.  All I thought I needed to do was  follow Naomi's instructions and hey presto, on Sunday morning, whilst still in my jim jams and yet to finish my first cuppa of the day I would finish my  pure silver copy of a favourite old possession.

Twelve hours later I've stopped for the day.  My neck is stiff and the air is blue!  I've  got the threading off to a tee because I've done it about twenty times.  It's mainly  the knotting that's a problem. The blighters just won't sit flush with the beads.  On the one occasion that I thought I'd got there I ended up doing an impromptu decapitation and amputation with some over zealous trimming!

Here's where I'm at now.  So near and yet so far.  I read about something called an awl that might just do the trick but first it's a question of resting the brain to it can easily slip into a creative gear.

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