Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Defence of the Internal Realm

Atchoo! A sound that is heard being emitted from Lovelygrey's nasal and vocal passages most mornings. You see I'm a bit allergy prone especially when I've forgotton to take Beconase for a few days. But amazingly I don't seem to be plagued by colds these days. It may be because Louis is growing out of his germ warfare machine stage and not bringing home all sorts of lurgies that he's caught from sticking his fingers up other small people's noses. Then again it could be that Vick's First Defence actually might  work?

This stuff is not classed as a drug but a medical device.  I think that's because it doesn't involve a chemical reaction going on in the body but rather acts a physical barrier.  It's said to work by trapping the viruses that cause colds in a micro-gel, an environment that's oh so not good for their ability to thrive. Does this sound dubious, a bit like the hocus-pocus that used to sell many skin creams? It did to me but then I read this article where the Head of the Common Cold Research Centre did not pooh pooh the  product  but felt that the developers were onto something.

I've been buying Vick's First Defence for a few years now. It's about six pounds a pop but I think I picked up a couple of bottles from Lidl once at a vastly discounted rate so it might be worth keeping an eye out there when you're picking up the parmesan, olive oil and a bit of skiing paraphenalia.   Now that I actually remember to regularly use it once I'm feeling the first signs of a cold, a vaguely sore throat, snuffly nose etc. etc., it does seem to have stopped the progress of the dreaded man flu.  Touch a gigantic piece of wood - I've been free of major snuffles all winter long this year. On the basis of this highly scientific piece of writing you might want to give it a go too!

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