Saturday, 19 February 2011

Lego Library

It's Lou's birthday soon and I'm struggling to come up with ideas for presents beyond the spy set complete with bugging device that I bought a friend's son for Christmas.  He likes Lego but plays with it in a different way than Mr Lovelygrey and I did as kids.  And therein lies a problem which makes me reluctant to spend any more money on extra bricks to put in the already overflowing boxes that clutter up our living space.

In the 1970s when I was growing up,  most of us had Lego but it came in the form of rectangular bricks.  If you were really lucky a few of these had holes in them into which you could insert wheels.  Our imaginations ran riot.  We built animals, buildings and weapons, all of which had a cuboid feel about them as we owned no curvy pieces.  Now, of course the Scandanavian company have diversified their product range.  Bricks come in a multitude of shapes and sizes and most kits contain just the right type to build a specific project, a police station perhaps or a very passable copy  of one the Star Wars spacecraft.  Rarely a right angle in sight.

Louis enjoys completing the kits but then once his model is finished the pieces go into storage boxes rarely to be used again.  It got me thinking about whether a Lego Library would be feasible where a set could be borrowed for a fee for a specific period.  Sure, there would be logistical problems with such a scheme, loss of bricks due to pet ingestion or getting stuck behind radiators being obvious ones that spring to mind.  But if there's an entrepreneur out there who's willing to think of a way to overcome the pitfalls I'd be a willing subscriber to a scheme. But until then I might have come up with one of my own.

  • Buy a Lego kit secondhand on Ebay and give to Louis for his birthday.
  • Once he's made it, do an 'audit' to check none of the pieces have gone missing.
  • Put the kit back for sale on Ebay.
  • Buy another with the proceeds!

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