Saturday, 5 February 2011

Lizzie's Sister

The New Year's jewellery class a few weeks ago now,  got off to a good start  even though I just did lots of filing.  As a morning person, I find evening classes are tricky beasts as I'm meant to be taking in stuff and being productive at a time when my body is telling me sleep is nigh.  So this untaxing job was just the think to do, productive without too much thought involved.  Everyone came in showing off new purchases and what they'd made.  One member has a huge covetable tool box, another had experimented, very successfully I may add, making seashell moulds to use with silver clay amd I proudly displayed my new burnishing tool and  bezel pusher,  Christmas presents from Louis!  Living proof that you can get something eminently useful as a gift from a small boy of limited means if he's suitably primed beforehand.

Lizzie Sanders,  my wonderfully patient tutor was sporting this copper and 18ct gold enamelled brooch, a Christmas present that was made my her sister, Sarah Hemmings Vourda .  Follow the link to her Etsy shop.  Now I see enamelling as magic rather than an art.  My own attempts have been pitiful but then I've only had a couple of goes so admit it may be just a case of practice makes perfect.  But I am intrigued as to how someone can achieve such subtle variations of shade, with what seems to be an unwieldy and unforgiving material!

To make something like this is certainly outside my skills range at the current time but I'm ever hopeful!  But for now I'm taking inspiration from the idea of displaying something fishy through a silver porthole.  A pared down simple pendant on this theme may just be do-able.

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  1. That's very clever, it looks as though it might have been recovered from a shipwreck. the finish is very authentic.