Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Lurking in the Veg Box

Help it's beetroot again!!!!! Enduring a glut of something that the  family doesn't particularly like is one of the big drawback of box schemes along with finding the occasional wiggy wiggler in the fridge that's snuck in via the dirt on the root vegetables. Having said this I'm a big fan of the weekly Riverford delvery as it's convenient,  guides our menu planning and ensures that the Lovelygrey family eat a great deal of seasonal local produce.  We're not great big fusspots so it's rare that we dislike anything enough for it to go to waste.  But I have to say a few beetroot have made it into the bin.  So to prevent this we're made a special effort to  quickly find recipes to use them up in a way that hides the earthy flavour that Louis and I aren't too keen on. 

So bless those TV chefs who've come up with these beauties.  First up, this Beetroot, Apple and Horseradish Soup from those darlings of the motorcycle world, 'The Hairy Bikers'.  Have I mentioned that before that I've got an irrational crush on the big one Si in spite of all his wobbliness?  Anyway, back to business, this soup is flavoursome, tastes likes its doing you good and the sort of colour that would make you rush to look and see how many E-numbers it contained if bought in a shop. 

Goats Cheese and Beetroot Salad with Toasted Hemp and Poppy Seeds is another recipe that passes muster.  This one's from Nigel Slater and although the beetroot isn't concealed in any way, I go beyond tolerating its presence in the dish,  probably because the mixture of ingredients works well together.    Jamie Oliver's Roasted Beetroot  is even less adulterated and is good.  Hang on!  Perhaps I do like beetroot after all and it's only the stuff in vinegar that graced childhood salads that I'm sniffy  about.

There's a lesson to be learnt here of which Louis, Papa Lovelygrey and a few others I know should take note.  Just because you think you don't like a foodstuff  it's worth trying it  cooked or prepared in a different way.  You may surprise yourself.  However for the truly fussy who won't budge on their view of the veg we've been discussing today, the ultimate disguise is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's wonderful 'Chocolate and Beetroot Brownies'.  I defy any beetroot hater to know that they've been fed the stuff - until their wee turns pink! 

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